Competitions & Contests

 The Great Allentown Fair hosts contests and competitions each year. Some of the competitions are judged before the Fair opens so the winning entries can be exhibited throughout the Fair. But there are still plenty of fun contests fairgoers can see and participate in during fair time.

2021 fair queen

 DEADLINE for this Application is July 15, 2021

Fair Queen Application Form    /    Fair Queen Contest Info


 2021 premium book

Agri~Plex Book (PDF)    /   Livestock Book (PDF) 

Agri~Plex Entry Form (PDF)     /    Agri~Plex Youth Entry Form (PDF)

Livestock Large Entry Form (PDF)    /    Rabbit & Cavy Entry Form (PDF)

Poultry & Pigeon Entry Form (PDF)    /    POULTRY HEALTH CERTIFICATE FORM* (PDF)

*A completed owner-endorsed poultry health certificate must accompany all poultry, including chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, upland game birds, and ratites; and pigeons/doves to an exhibition. The certificate must be presented to exhibition management prior to cooping of the birds. This certificate must be endorsed with the bird owner’s signature.


culinary contest

Please visit our 2021 Culinary Contest page for full information and downloadable PDF applications.

Deadline Extended to Friday, August 20th.